Is kegg right for me?

kegg is a medical fertility tracker that provides you with your own data in real-time through the kegg app. The data are accompanied with a kegg algorithm that helps you identify your fertile window and predicts your future fertile windows. 

We ship kegg within 1 business day. Remember if you realize that you are pregnant by the time you receive kegg, you can return the kegg back to us at no charge. 

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 kegg is recommended for women who : 

  • Are within reproductive age
  • Are not on hormonal birth control nor IUD
  • Are not pregnant
  • Are not in menopause

kegg algorithm is built to identify and predict fertile windows. This algorithm is not yet supporting cycles over 40 days long or shorter than 21 days but don’t worry, we are here to help you interpret your own data and there are numerous women with cycles outside of this range who have been using kegg and have conceived successfully. You can also learn more about your kegg data charts here

The kegg algorithm is best suited for women that:

  • Have been off hormonal birth control or IUD  and their ovulatory cycles have returned
  • Are past 6 weeks of giving birth and have had at least 2 menstrual cycles beyond 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Have most cycles ranging from 21-40 days in length. 

The kegg device works best for women who:

  • Do not use daily vaginal douches, creams, or ointments
  • Do not have any active sexually transmitted diseases
  • Experience or have been diagnosed with any pelvic floor disorder
  • Are not currently breastfeeding and have had at least 2 menstrual cycles since the full completion of breastfeeding
  • Do not use supplements or medications that induce ovulation, or could impact the body’s electrolyte levels.* 

There are stories of women with PCOS who successfully conceived thanks to the help of kegg data. However, these women rely on the interpretation of their own data if their cycles are not within the 21-40 day range or are highly irregular. Learn how women with PCOS use kegg in this article.

The kegg algorithm is not to be used as a birth control tool

The kegg algorithm has not been designed nor tested for pregnancy prevention. You can use kegg data and trends to compliment your own primary choice of fertility awareness method.  Here are real examples of kegg users who have been using kegg with:

*Some medications and supplements could impact kegg’s ability to make predictions for some users.  

Recommended use:
Always consult a physician before using kegg or if you have any concerns regarding the use of this product.

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