How does kegg compare to other fertility monitors?

mira fertility vs kegg fertility tracker

Mira vs kegg: what’s the best fertility tracker?

In this blog, we continue our fertility tracker comparison series to see how the Mira ovulation tracker stacks up against kegg. One of our fertility experts decided to try Mira and kegg together for herself and shared her experience. While the Mira fertility tracker predicts ovulation based on urine LH and Estradiol metabolites, kegg senses cervical mucus to predict the full fertile window. This comparison yielded interesting results!

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fitbit fertility tracking and kegg comparison

How does Fitbit predict your fertile window and how does kegg do?

More and more companies are entering the fertility industry but frequently the predictions and insight they offer are not accurate and precise. After recently buying a Fitbit to track my sleep, I discovered its ‘Menstruation Health’ section. I started to investigate Fitbit’s new cycle feature and I learned a lot. This articles explains what I discovered and how Fitbit differs from kegg’s readings.

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fertility trackers, ava bracelet, kegg

Comparison between kegg & ava bracelet

Our keggsters are curious human beings. Since we launched kegg, we’ve received many questions about the difference between kegg and an ‘ovulation detector bracelet’ available on the market. Some users in our community have been using both and they shared their honest experience, starting from the basics. These two devices have entirely different functions: kegg uses cervical mucus while ava bracelet is focused on physiological parameters. In this article, one of our users shares her story and highlights the benefits of each fertility monitor.

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lh tests

How does LH testing compare to kegg data?

Many women rely on LH (Luteinizing hormone) testing to track when they are approaching ovulation. Although this can help pinpoint when ovulation is likely to occur, unfortunately there is no way to predict when this surge will take place with LH testing.

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difference between ovusense and kegg

The Difference Between kegg and OvuSense (now known as OvuCore)

Since the launch of kegg in 2020, we’ve received many questions about the key differentiators of kegg and other fertility monitors. Some users in our community are especially curious about the difference between kegg and OvuSense. These two devices in the women’s health space look very similar but have entirely different functions. In this article we address all the common questions and highlight the benefits of each fertility monitor.

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kegg fertility monitor and ovacue

Comparing OvaCue and kegg

Over the past two decades fertility monitoring devices have come on the market to help couples conceive. Here at kegg we aim to offer helpful perspectives comparing and contrasting kegg with other fertility tracking devices. OvaCue has been used for many years and we often have people asking what the differences are between OvaCue and kegg. Below, a kegg community member was happy to share her first-hand experience comparing kegg and OvaCue.

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