Getting pregnant with Irregular cycles

Every woman’s fertile window is unique and kegg can help you track yours. kegg tracks the changes in cervical fluid, so you can be sure you are optimally timing your trying to conceive efforts to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Watch your kegg trendline to spot the fertile valley(s) to confidently and precisely time your trying to conceive efforts.

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What insights does a user with Irregular cycles gain with kegg?

In 2 minutes a day, kegg plots your reading on the kegg chart. kegg detects the changes in cervical fluid which shift with the hormonal changes of the cycle. The fertile window appears as a valley in the kegg readings. When readings begin to trend downwards the user knows the fertile valley is opening. If you are trying to conceive, it’s best to time intercourse/insemination during this valley.*

When the body prepares to ovulate, the hormonal changes cause a shift in the electrolytes in the cervical fluid. kegg tracks these changes allowing the user to see the full fertile window and optimally time their trying to conceive efforts. When cycles are highly irregular, kegg users watch their daily readings to identify their fertile window instead of relying on the fertile window prediction, as it may not be accurate in irregular cycles.

Irregular cycle kegg chart

This user with irregular cycles experienced two fertile valleys. The first valley was not successful for ovulation and she spotted another fertile valley starting on cycle day 19. She timed her trying to conceive efforts during the fertile valleys. The second fertile valley was successful for ovulation.

kegg users with Irregular cycles

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