12 month Pregnancy Guarantee

*applies to orders purchased from January 1st, 2022.

Please note that no product can guarantee pregnancy, kegg included. But if our product doesn’t work for you, the least we can do is promise that you won’t pay unless you get results.

A “12-month Pregnancy Guarantee” means you’re protected if you purchased the kegg fertility tracker, used it continuously for at least (1) year, and didn’t get pregnant during that time.

You’ll get a full refund if you follow recommended use, and meet 12-month Pregnancy Guarantee rules that are described below.

Recommended use:

  • Take a reading with kegg once every day throughout the cycle (except during your period). 
  • Use kegg within the same 2 hour period each day for accurate results.  If you miss your reading time frame it is advised to skip the reading for that day.
  • Take one reading per day on nonbleeding days. Multiple readings in one day are not recommended as the results may not be accurate. kegg will only record the final reading of the day.
  • Do not use kegg within 8 hours after intercourse 
  • Do not use kegg while using intravaginal medication, supplements, or treatments.

12 month money-back Pregnancy Guarantee rules:

  • You are within reproductive age
  • You have been off hormonal birth control for at least 3 months and have had at least 2 menstrual cycles.
  • You are not within 6 weeks of giving birth and have had at least 2 menstrual cycles beyond 6 weeks postpartum.
  • You are not currently breastfeeding and have had at least 2 menstrual cycles since the full completion of breastfeeding
  • You ovulate regularly
  • You are 21 years of age or greater 
  • You are the original purchaser of the kegg. 
  • You purchased kegg on www.kegg.tech or authorized retailers who offer this guarantee ( namely: Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC & Best Shot Care, Inc.)
  • You haven’t become pregnant since you began using kegg.
  • You have been using kegg as recommended (outlined in the terms of service and manual) for at least 10 full cycles in a row.
  • You allow the kegg Customer Success team to look into this data at the time you request a refund.

If you have met the conditions for a full refund, please contact Customer Support.

Note: All refunds are made to the original method of payment.

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