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The World's First
Fertility Tracking Kegel is here

Convenient and accurate cervical mucus sensing Body-safe, medical-grade materials Doubles as a kegel device

As seen in

Your personal fertility specialist,
at your bedside command.

How it works

1. Insert kegg into your vagina and leave it there for few minutes
2. Get your data analyzed
3. Check your fertility insight on kegg app

Science behind kegg

kegg™ uses advanced sensing technology called impedance spectroscopy for vaginal mucus measurement, which in simple words means streaming small pulses throughout the vaginal environment. Based on their responses, kegg knows how the fluid-structure changes. By sensing the changes of your vaginal fluids with impedance spectroscopy, kegg™ can determine when fertile cervical fluid is present. This process takes about two minutes and your data syncs to your phone in seconds.

kegg app

Flex your data muscles. Pinpoint your entire fertile window from beginning to end. Know your bodies like when to expect your next period or when you should take a pregnancy test, with the powerful kegg™ app.
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