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Madeline and JoAnna’s Journey to Baby

Madeline and JoAnna’s Journey to Baby

Meet Madeline and JoAnna. Madeline, an account executive, has always dreamed of being a mom. When she met JoAnna, a civil engineer, she knew they would realize their dream of growing their family, but she not sure how this journey would unfold for them.

Madeline shares: “I’ve always had pretty regular cycles, but stress and travel (both of which happen frequently with my line of work) shift my cycle by upwards of a week. Once we decided we were ready to start trying, I started to panic, worrying how I would be able to accurately track my cycle. Since donor sperm is not cheap, we wanted to be sure we were timing things just right. Our friends used kegg to conceive their son, and highly recommended it, so it seemed logical that we would try it, too. 

I began using kegg 2 cycles before we began trying to conceive. I wanted to be confident in understanding my data, and recognizing what trends are common for me. While I knew there were fertile days that fell before the LH surge, to see this in the form of the valley in my kegg data was eye opening. This helped give me confidence we would be able to time my fertile window without issue.

When we finally moved forward with our donor, of course I was overcome with nerves, but I was ready to just get down to it. I started to see my valley form, and surprisingly a bit earlier than usual. While my doctor recommended inseminating on or after my LH surge, we ultimately felt confident about inseminating before my LH test was fully positive (it was fully positive about 16 hours later). I knew, confidently, I was in my fertile window since my readings with kegg were low in the valley. 


I know everyone’s story is different, but we were truly shocked to get pregnant on our very first cycle. There is typically about a 10-15% chance of conceiving with donor sperm. When you consider that we only inseminated once during the entire cycle, were knew odds were against us, so when we saw that positive pregnancy test, it almost felt too good to be true. We attribute this pregnancy to timing our insemination when my cervical mucus was highly fertile. 

Our little girl will be here this summer and we are overjoyed. I can’t recommend kegg enough. With their money back pregnancy guarantee, there is no risk. If you are a same sex couple, I promise you, it is worth it.”

A huge thank you to Madeline and JoAnna for openly sharing their success story with us.

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