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Get pregnant on a budget with kegg’s affordable fertility tracking.

  • One-time purchase - No recurring costs
  • Tells you your 5 most fertile days
  • Used by women with PCOS and irregular cycles
  • Easy and comfortable to use in just 2 minutes a day
  • 12-month pregnancy guarantee included
  • Can be purchased using FSA/HSA funds
Save $10

100 %

Money back

Risk free - get 100% of your money back if you don't get pregnant.

12 months

Pregnancy guarantee

If you are not pregnant within 12 months, you get 100% of money back.

Trusted by

“The best fertility monitor tracking cervical mucus.”

“kegg is powering the next-generation of fertility monitoring”

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“kegg is redefining the future of fertility industry.”

Easily predict your fertile window

Accurate Tracking

Through Cervical Fluid sensing technology, kegg predicts your unique peak fertility.

More accurate than BBT

Clinical evidence supports that kegg readings can more accurately determine fertile window than basal body temperature.

Only 2 Minutes Per Day

kegg takes only 2 minutes a day. No need to change your routine or wear it overnight.

Personalized For You

kegg’s algorithm provides fertility predictions that are unique like you.


20,000+ couples have used kegg to conceive


kegg fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

It takes only about 2 minutes a day to complete your kegg reading. Use kegg during a consistent timeframe that fits conveniently into your routine. You get to decide if you want to do kegel exercises while taking your daily fertility reading. Free kegg mobile app will tell you when you are most fertile and will be your guide on your trying to conceive journey.

How kegg works


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