Is kegg right for me?

You don’t have to wait to track your cycle until you’re ready to get pregnant. Tracking gives you more insight and information about you – and what’s going on in your body. It’s information that then can become talking points with your health care providers, particularly if things don’t seem to be as they should. And sometimes, just knowing what’s going on can give you serious peace of mind.

Easy. Accurate. Personalized.

Learn how kegg puts you in the driver's seat of your unique fertility journey.

Find when you are most fertile with confidence, through cervical mucus sensing technology in just 2 minutes a day.

3 quick steps.
2 minutes a day.

1. Sync

connect your kegg with the app

2. Track

insert kegg inside your vagina and the reading begins. Remove kegg and hold it near your phone to allow the reading to transfer to the app.

3. Check

see your result, record other optional fertility notes (BBT, LH tests, and more) and plan ahead

How kegg predicts your peak fertility and tracks your unique cycle

kegg in hand

Sensing Technology

kegg is an intuitive fertility tracker that measures changes in electrolyte levels of the cervical mucus —the golden metric to pinpointing your fertile window within each menstrual cycle. 

By using advanced sensing technology known as impedance, kegg can reveal your fertile window using your unique cycle data.

Following the 2 minute daily reading, kegg will send your reading data to the cloud for analysis. In real-time, the kegg app displays your daily kegg readings, cyclical trends, and fertility predictions. 

With consistent, once a day use, you can gain deeper insight into your own unique fertility pattern.

kegg fertile window

kegg’s Method

kegg assesses the trends of your kegg readings over time, to predict when your fertile window will occur. During your first cycle with kegg, the app will place a predicted fertile window based on your selected cycle length.

The fertile window prediction is displayed as 5 green days in the cycle view and your daily predictions are labeled as “Low”, “Possible”, or “Likely” depending on your cycle day.  This green prediction window may move during your cycle based on your trend line. With each cycle completed, kegg will learn your unique fertility patterns and personalize your fertile window predictions. The kegg user also watches the trendline to see their fertile valley open to know when to optimally time their trying to conceive efforts.

After the fertile valley ends kegg readings may stay elevated or may continue to have dips or valleys. Unlike basal body temperatures, kegg readings do not need to remain elevated throughout the luteal phase.

kegg mobile app

Free Mobile App

The kegg fertility tracker works with the kegg mobile application available on iOS and android platforms. You can keep all of your fertility tracking information in one convenient app.

Daily check-in

Within the kegg app you can input optional fertility notes such as basal body temperatures (BBT), intercourse, LH tests, cervical fluid observations and more. Tempdrop users can choose to have their temps automatically sync to the kegg app to display with their kegg data as well.

See your unique cycle trends

The kegg chart displays your cycle and fertility trends. With daily use, you can gain personalized insights into your unique fertility patterns. You can watch your kegg trendline to see your fertile valley begin and end, and optimize your conception efforts.

kegel exercising

Optional Kegel Exercises

kegg includes an optional kegel exercise routine as a bonus feature. Kegel exercises may improve blood circulation to the pelvic floor and vagina, and this may be helpful for arousal and lubrication.

Doing Kegels before taking a fertility reading can increase lubrication and circulation for easier data collection. You can opt to take the fertility reading alone or perform kegel exercises followed by the daily reading. 

Exercise your pelvic floor once a day before your reading with kegg’s built-in vibration motor and guided exercise.

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Some thoughts from the fertility experts

Jenna Longoria

Jenna Longoria

Board Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner

“kegg is always accurate also for women with little cervical mucus. I am impressed! I am an early user and it tells me I'm entering my fertile window about 2-3 days before my LH tests surge. It's an amazing tool for prediction. This is why at Proov we decided to partner with kegg, to help women predict and then confirm ovulation”