How kegg works

Learn about how kegg can put you in the driver's seat of your unique fertility journey.

4 easy steps to actionable insights

kegg mobile app connect

Step 1

Pick a consistent 2 hour time frame to take your reading each day. Find a comfortable position and connect your kegg with the app to start your reading.

kegg insertion kegel ball

Step 2

Fully insert the ball-shaped part of the kegg inside your vagina with the tail remaining outside, facing forward.

kegg fertility test 2 mins daily

Step 3

You’ll feel one vibration to signal that the reading has begun and two vibrations when the reading is complete.

kegg fertility insights cycle

Step 4

View your results on the cycle graph. You can record other fertility notes such as BBT, sexual activity, LH tests, and more.

A smarter way to track through vaginal fluids

kegg fertility monitor and app

Cervical fluid is the key sign to knowing your fertile window and peak fertility.¹ It plays a critical role in fertility and pregnancy because sperm can’t survive in the vagina unless cervical fluid is present.

With instant fertility data, you’ll know when to expect your next period or when you should take a pregnancy test.

With proven sensing technology

As a woman goes through her cycle, the hormonal fluctuations create changes in the electrolyte levels of cervical fluid. kegg senses changes and displays them to you in actionable results.

This is done with impedance technology, which means using very low-level electrical pulses to sense how your cervical fluid affects those pulses. Through precise sensing technology, kegg is intended to help predict a more accurate and precise fertile window in comparison to probability-based solutions, which estimate fertile window and so are rarely accurate for irregular cycles.

This approach has been proven successful at detecting ovulation for decades, except it wasn’t applied to humans but rather farm animals...Yup! You read that right.

It's time technology is invested into women’s health.

quick and easy testing in only 2 minutes a day!

Today, most of us track our cervical fluid the ‘au naturel’ way: with tissue and fingers.

kegg cleans up (no pun intended) the process with a quick and easy test once a day. Simply test each day within the same 2 hour time frame that fits your schedule

Add kegg to your morning routine

As cyclical beings, our mood, energy levels, and digestion are just a few things that are affected by where we are in the fertile cycle.

Seize the day by tuning in to your natural ebb and flow.


Or to your nightly ritual

We juggle a lot of work during the day, so we like to keep things simple at night.

Test with kegg while you brush your teeth, after a shower, or before you snooze. Whatever your nighttime routine is, adding kegg is easier than remembering to floss (though our app can help remind you, too).

kegg doubles as a Kegel exercise ball

A high quality medical device that does not bore — it exists, folks!

With kegg, you can opt to do Kegels to exercise your pelvic floor muscles before each test.
Doing Kegel exercises before taking a fertility test can also promote natural lubrication and move the fluids downwards,
making it easier data collection.

Get to know your pelvic floor as kegg guides you when and for how long to squeeze and relax those internal muscles.

Is kegg right for me?

You don’t have to wait to track your cycle until you’re ready to get pregnant. Tracking gives you more insight and information about you – and what’s going on in your body. It’s information that then can become talking points with your health care providers, particularly if things don’t seem to be as they should. And sometimes, just knowing what’s going on can give you serious peace of mind.

Ready for real-time fertility insights?

Ready for real-time fertility insights?

Ready for real-time fertility insights?