My Unexpected BFP (Big Fat Positive…pregnancy test!)

My Unexpected BFP (Big Fat Positive…pregnancy test!)
kegg user, Erin, although hopeful, didn’t have high expectations for getting pregnant. Unfortunately, testing that Erin completed revealed that she would not be able to conceive. This news was devastating to her, but, despite this, she decided she wanted to try kegg, the best tool for identifying the full fertile window, to ensure she was doing everything she could to possibly conceive. 

Before trying kegg, Erin had been trying to conceive for 3 long years. With the difficult diagnoses of PCOS and unexplained infertility, she decided to try kegg. During her first cycle, she learned about her cycle and was able to see her fertile valley unfold. This gave her hope.  Although she did not conceive that cycle, she felt more confident with what her cervical fluid was showing her through kegg. 

Then came the second cycle, and the ending was different. A BFP! She shared ““I’m shocked…My husband and I have been trying for 3 years. I got a kegg and was very unsure about it. Cycle one was a bust but this is our second cycle and I just found out I’m pregnant! I have PCOS and unexplained infertility among other things, I am over the moon [that we] we beat infertility naturally with kegg!”

Despite these challenging diagnoses, with kegg, Erin was able to identify her fertile valley, which occurred from cycle days 15-19. She optimally timed her trying to conceive efforts throughout this valley, feeling confident that her timing was optimal. kegg shows the user when the cervical fluid is hospitable to sperm, so Madison knew this descent beginning on cycle day 15 suggested her vaginal environment was becoming nourishing and supportive to sperm. 

Trying to conceive with PCOS is difficult enough. Trying to identify the fertile window should not add more stress. With kegg, the user can spot these fertile valleys, and while it cannot be predicted if a valley will be successful for ovulation, as there are often failed attempts to ovulate in PCOS, the kegg user can be confident they will not miss an opportunity to try to conceive by timing their trying to conceive efforts during the valley.

We wish Erin a healthy and blissful pregnancy-a journey that started sooner than she expected thanks to kegg. Thank you for sharing your miraculous news with us, Erin!

*Name changed anonymity

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