Introducing kegg app 1.5.0

Introducing kegg app 1.5.0

Introducing kegg app 1.5.0!

Here at Lady Technologies, we have been hard at work shaping up new app features and improvements!  Our team has taken feedback from kegg users to bring them new information and improved user features to the kegg app.

What’s New

Educational articles and videos: Now on the kegg home screen kegg users will have educational content on kegg use and fertility!

Reading progress tracker

kegg’s 2 minute reading flow now has a progress animation letting you know when your reading will be complete.

Record your period in daily notes

Along with adding your period start date and duration in the calendar, users now have the option to record their period days in the notes section by simply checking the box to indicate if you have period bleeding that day.

Personalized Cycle stats display

kegg users now have easy access to their personal cycle stats!  At a quick glance users can see their estimated cycle length, shortest and longest recorded cycles, along with fertile window stats.

Once you have at least one completed cycle with enough readings to place a personalized confirmation, the cycle wheel will display. This reflects your current cycle with the gray arrow pointing to the current day at the predicted fertile days highlighted in green.  The cycle wheel also displays your earliest and latest fertile window confirmations.

Cycle Exclusion feature

If a user experiences an unusual cycle, she can choose to exclude the cycle from her cycle stats so it does not impact her future predictions.
kegg keeps track of your typical cycle length and fertile valley data. This information works hand in hand to bring you personalized fertility insights.

There are many things in life that can throw us some curveballs.  Oftentimes our cycles are impacted.  Illness, travel, health treatments, medications, and more can delay or prevent ovulation, or impact our body’s electrolyte levels.  The cycle exclusion feature is helpful in letting kegg’s algorithm know which past data is most useful.

Here is an example: Gina is new to kegg and has tracked one typical cycle.  In her second cycle she suffers from an allergic reaction to poison ivy and needs to take a steroid to help heal. With stress due to injury and lack of sleep, along with temporary medication, her second cycle has a delayed ovulation and her kegg data is impacted by her medications.  She knows this cycle is not her typical and doesnt want it included in her predictions and cycle stats..  By excluding this cycle she can keep all of her data and access to the second cycle chart, while telling the “kegg brain” to ignore it.

Another example: Tasha was so excited to begin using kegg she skipped the user manual and got right to taking readings.  It wasn’t until late in her cycle she learned that kegg readings need to be taken in the same 2 hour timeframe each day, and that users should wait at least 8 hrs after sex to take a kegg reading.  Her first cycle using kegg is a bit of a mess and she doesn’t want that cycle’s confirmation weighing in on future predictions.  She can use the cycle exclusion feature to get a fresh start.
We are excited to bring you these kegg app updates! We strive to ensure your kegg experience is one that provides you with valuable information,  because women deserve personalized fertility insights at their fingertips.
If your app hasn’t updated automatically, go to the App Store or Google Play and click update.

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