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Inspiring pregnancy story for everyone struggling to conceive

Inspiring pregnancy story for everyone struggling to conceive

Trigger Warning: loss

Megan graciously shared her story with us.

Megan wrote: “I bought my kegg right after my 4 month old daughter passed away. I knew that my husband and I wanted another baby right away and I had read that kegg could help pinpoint my fertile window so I took the plunge and made the purchase. Along with my new kegg I also received Proov Confirm test strips as well. I was able to conceive with my first kegg cycle in May. Sadly that pregnancy ended in miscarriage. We went back to TTC as soon as I was able. The next couple of months I found out through using my kegg and the Proov Confirm strips  that I wasn’t ovulating even though I had positive OPKs.”This happened for several cycles until November when I did actually ovulate and was able to pinpoint my fertile window using kegg. This made timing sex simplified.”

In the chart below, Megan confirmed she did not ovulate this cycle by testing her PdG. There is no discernible fertile valley, although she appropriately timed intercourse when she observed any slight declines to not miss any true fertile valley.

Megan’s cycle in November was different, however. She continued to watch her trend line and time sex when she saw a descent, as the lowering data points suggest rising estrogen and increasingly fertile cervical fluid. These downward data points were key to knowing she was likely entering her fertile window. Had she waited for a positive LH, she would have missed her fertile window entirely, as she never saw a positive LH this cycle.

“At first I was concerned about the quality of my ovulation as my Proov strips were not positive. To my surprise, at 8 DPO I took an HcG test and it was positive! Since I did have negative Proov tests, I was very concerned that my PdG (progesterone marker) production wasn’t adequate. If it wasn’t for that I would not have pushed for progesterone suppositories from my doctor. I firmly believe that my loss in June was due to low progesterone levels. If it wasn’t for my kegg I would not have had the information I needed to time intercourse and if it wasn’t for the Proov strips telling me my PdG was low I probably would not still be pregnant.” 

While kegg predicts the fertile window in advance for women whose average cycle lengths are 21 to 40 days, many users who experience cycles outside of this range will carefully watch their trendline, as Megan did, to spot potential fertile windows. While it cannot be predicted if the user will successfully ovulate in a given cycle, the user can proactively time intercourse during days of descending and low kegg readings in anticipation of this being a true fertile valley. 

She continued “I am so beyond excited about this baby and to be able to share my experience with kegg and Proov to hopefully give other women the hope they need to not give up on their TTC journey. The kegg itself is an awesome tool but it would not be nearly as good without the awesome team of women behind it who are always there to answer any questions and help in any way they can. I will be forever thankful and grateful for my kegg, Proov and the amazing support teams behind them both.”

As Megan’s story demonstrates, every fertility journey is unique and some come with challenges. We know the course can be hard which is why we want to support you on your journey. Please join our supportive facebook group, and if you ever have questions or need support, get in touch with us. We are here for you!

Megan, your story was truly moving.  We are celebrating with you and cannot wait to hear about your baby girl!

Feel inspired by Megan’s story. Begin your own journey with kegg and Proov. 

Get your kegg today Risk Free with 12-month pregnancy guarantee. 

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