Successfully getting pregnant after 40 with kegg

When your biological clock is ticking trying to conceive can feel stressful and hard. Rest assured. kegg is here to help. Hundreds of women in their 40s have successfully conceived using kegg. 

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How do women in their 40s use kegg to successfully conceive?

As you approach perimenopause, cycles may become irregular, ovulation may occur inconsistently, and it may be difficult to determine when you are in your fertile window.

Timing intercourse or insemination during your most fertile days is one step you can take to optimize your fertility journey. Unfortunately, waiting for ovulation day misses the most fertile days.

kegg detects the changes in the cervical fluid. This allows the user to see when their fertile window opens and closes. Every egg counts, and with kegg you will know when you are most fertile.

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If you are not pregnant within 12 months, you get 100% of your money back. Learn more.

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