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“Roaches love this thing… It’s like they can’t resist it!” — Jane F.

Roaches and Other Nasty Insect Infestations Can Make Life Miserable

Did you know that 63% of US homes are infested with cockroaches?1 These nasty pests and others like them aren’t just gross, they can actually spread germs, bacteria, and even disease.2

Once a homeowner sees a single roach, there’s a good chance it’s already too late: the infestation has begun. Most people turn to store-bought “solutions” like poisons, traps, and sprays but these come with problems of their own.

In some cases, these chemical-based treatments can actually be just as harmful as the germs carried by roaches and other disgusting insects.3

Fortunately, there’s now an easy, affordable, and non-toxic solution to keep roaches and other nasty bugs at bay.

This “Shrimp-Bait” Trick Lures Roaches To Their Doom WITHOUT Toxic Chemicals

BugMD Cockroach Catcher traps are an affordable, non-toxic alternative to traditional sprays and traps. 

Unlike conventional options, Cockroach Catcher is free from bug poisons or other potentially harmful ingredients. It works simply and naturally! Roaches, spiders, crickets, and other bugs are naturally lured to the irresistible real-food bait tablets. 

Plus, it requires practically zero clean-up. Once the sticky pad fills-up with deceased bugs, simply toss it in the trash and replace it with a fresh one! The best part? Because it’s 100% non-toxic to people and pets, BugMD Cockroach Catcher can be used anywhere in the house.

Each box of BugMD’s Cockroach Catcher comes with twelve (12) EZ-Fold Glue Traps and (12) irresistible Shrimp Powder Bait Tablets.

Thousands of Americans are already using this innovative solution to gain the upper-hand and reclaim their homes from roaches, water bugs, palmettos, and other filthy pests.

But fair warning: this first batch of Cockroach Catcher is nearly sold out. And due to widespread delays at the shipping ports, it may not be in stock again for quite some time.

Click here to see if BugMD Cockroach Catcher is currently still available to order.

How Does BugMD Cockroach Catcher Work So Well?

The secret behind this breakthrough device is the innovative “real-food” bait tablet. It was specially designed with foods that roaches and other insects simply can’t resist. 

A potent combination of shrimp powder, starch, brown sugar, dried meat, and natural preservatives lures-in roaches like moths to a flame!

Then the moment they step onto the ultra-sticky, “PermaGlue” pad, they become trapped — unable to move, mate, or make a mess. 

Most importantly, the Cockroach Catcher helps protect families from nasty, disease-ridden pests without exposing them to the harsh chemicals found in most commercial bug sprays and poison traps.

Disposable “PermaGlue” Traps = Hassle-Free Protection From Dozens of Bug Species

Perhaps the best part about the BugMD Cockroach Catcher is that it couldn’t be easier to use:

  1. 1.)  Peel-off the adhesive strip and pop-in a bait pellet
  2. 2.)  Fold-up the trap and tuck-in the tabs
  3. 3.)  Place along baseboards, under cabinets, & other roach hangouts
  4. 4.)  Watch deceased cockroaches collect inside!

Once the trap is filled to the brim with nasty bugs, simply toss it in the trash and replace it with a fresh one. So you can take on your roach infestation without ever touching a nasty bug.

Customers Are LOVING BugMD Cockroach Catcher!

Don’t take it from us… here’s what verified customers had to say:

“I was honestly surprised at how well these traps worked. They caught a ton of roaches and even some other bugs that I didn’t know were in my house. Thanks!”

— Sarah W. • Verified Buyer

“I can’t believe this tiny bait tablet lured in so many roaches! No more reaching for those smelly spray cans every time I see a roach. I just let the pests come to me. Couldn’t be easier.”

— Jennifer C. • Verified Buyer 

“Just got my second box because these work so well. Not seeing nearly as many cockroaches but these traps also seem to work great as a first line of defense. Now I can stay on top of my roach problem without lifting a finger.”

— Perry W. • Verified Buyer

How Does BugMD's Cockroach Catcher Compare to Store-Bought Solutions?

From the moment I unwrapped the tiny bait tablet, I was pretty skeptical that BugMD Cockroach Catcher would work. But at this point, I was running out of options.

I ordered 2 boxes and set them up everywhere I’d seen roaches: under furniture, behind fridges, in cabinets, you name it. Honestly, the results blew me away. These traps were filled with roaches and even some other bugs within a matter of DAYS.

The traps filled-up so fast, we decided to immediately order more before we ran out.

That was a few months ago and things are so much better now. In fact, even though we barely see roaches anymore, we signed up for the monthly subscription so we’re always protected.

Any time we see a single roach, we set up a Cockroach Catcher and it nips the problem in the bud right away.

The Bottomline: If you want an easy, affordable, and effective defense against roaches, water bugs, palmettos, and other nasty insects — you need to try BugMD Cockroach Catcher today!

Here’s An Easy, Affordable Way To Remind Roaches Who’s Boss

Cockroach Catcher is only offered online and all US orders ship in 3-8 days.

Now that you’ve discovered how to keep a roach problem at bay without wasting money or exposing your family to chemical-based “solutions” — follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. 1.)  Check out the official BugMD Cockroach Catcher website and place your order
  2. 2.)  Enjoy the peace and freedom of a home protected from filthy roaches and other nasty bugs

BugMD Cockroach Catcher wants to sweeten the deal by giving you a “New Customer Discount” and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Check here to see if stock is still available >>>

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