5 Reasons Why Women Should Track Fertility with Cervical Fluid

When you decide you are ready for a baby, every day that you are trying can feel long. Your tracking method may be prolonging the journey even more if you are not seeing your full fertile window. kegg tracks the changes in the cervical fluid and shows the 5 full fertile days so you can feel confident you are maximizing your chances of pregnancy each cycle.

1. You might get pregnant sooner.

By tracking your cervical fluid with kegg, you might conceive more quickly. kegg tracks the fertile window at the source—the cervical fluid. As a result, kegg readings reveal your full fertile window to optimally time your trying-to-conceive efforts and maximize the chances of pregnancy. LH tracking can identify, on average, 1-2 days of the fertile window, but kegg shows all 5 fertile days, including those with the highest probability of resulting in conception.

2. No more messy test strips or wands!

Cervical fluid tracking eliminates the stressful process of peeing on sticks at very specific times of the day. kegg is used once a day during the same two-hour timeframe that is convenient for you. In just 2 minutes a day, your fertility insights are at your fingertips!

3. Save money.

You can save money by tracking your cervical fluid. Most fertility trackers require ongoing costs such as subscription fees or test sticks or wands. After purchasing kegg, there is no ongoing cost. Better yet, kegg comes with a 12 Month Money-Back Pregnancy Guarantee, so it will work for you, or you will get a full refund.

4. Never miss your opportunity to try.

With kegg, you can detect your fertile window and unique cycle trends earlier than when testing with ovulation predictor kits (OPKs). LH testing, often yields inconsistent results, due to the time of day, urine concentration, and hormonal disorders like PCOS. As a result, by tracking the fertile window with LH alone, many women either miss some or all of the fertile window, eliminating or reducing their chances of getting pregnant.

5. Gain confidence and feel empowered

Women who track their cervical fluid using kegg often feel that they have unique insights into their fertility. By understanding when their fertile window is occurring, they can time intercourse effectively and then know when to expect their new cycle or a positive pregnancy test. kegg takes the guesswork out of trying to conceive.

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