12 month Pregnancy Guarantee Announcement

Hey everyone, 

I’m Kristina, CEO of kegg. 

Today we are announcing something very special for our customers. But first, let me tell you how it all started. 

I founded kegg because of my personal frustrations. I wanted to understand my cyclical body, and there simply hasn’t been a reliable solution backed by science that would focus on the core sign of fertility – cervical mucus. 

So I set out to solve this problem by creating kegg – an easy-to-use medical-grade fertility monitor that uses deep sensing technology to track the changes in your vaginal environment and tells you when you are most fertile. 

Since we launched kegg, I have been delighted by the positive responses from our customers. Reading the pregnancy announcements in our private community of kegg users everyday convinces me that we have built something truly life-changing for women, many of whom have been trying to conceive for over a year.


We know how stressful and expensive the conception journey is for women. That is why we are announcing a 12-month pregnancy guarantee. This is how we are getting closer to our mission to help every woman fulfill her dream of having a baby. 

If you buy kegg, use it for 10 cycles in a row, follow recommended use, and do not get pregnant, we will give you 100% of your money back. 

We can offer this guarantee because we are confident that kegg will help you understand when you are most fertile so you can optimally time your trying to conceive efforts. Hundreds of kegg mamas and their stories in our private community are the source of our confidence. If, however, you are not pregnant after a year of trying with kegg, we hope you can use your refunded money to help you fulfill your dream.

We truly care about our customers. I started kegg to help empower women and help them on their fertility journeys. I sincerely care about your journey with kegg and beyond. 

Buy kegg risk free today, knowing you’ll be refunded if kegg doesn’t help you conceive. A 12-month pregnancy guarantee is automatically included with every purchase.

With love,