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Frequently Asked Questions

Is kegg safe to use?
Yes, kegg is a FDA Class 1 device and meets all the necessary electronic safety certifications.

I have PCOS, will kegg work for me?
Yes, kegg will work with your body. When you suffer from PCOS your body is frequently trying to ovulate but rarely succeeds. kegg will tell you when your body is gearing up to ovulate and when you're potentially fertile. It will also confirm your ovulation if it happens. Most women conceive from sex that happened before ovulation and thus if you're trying to conceive with PCOS you should be focusing on your fertile window before any possible ovulation.

How can kegg distinguish cervical mucus from seminal fluid?
kegg can sense "noise," which usually means semen/infection/arousal fluid etc. If you're using kegg with your preferred FAM, make sure that you select the "track your fertility" mode when setting up your kegg. There you can add additional data which kegg may request like: when you last had intercourse, etc. If it doesn't have sufficient and clear data to confirm your fertile window, kegg will determine that you're "most likely fertile." As we continue with development, we're still open for suggestions for this mode.

Can kegg be used to prevent pregnancy?
No, kegg is classified as a fertility tracker, which means that you can use kegg to prevent pregnancy as a complementary tool to your preferred fertility awareness method. kegg has not been certified as a contraceptive tool.

How do I sign up to become a beta tester?
We have not opened our beta tester program yet, but please sign up for updates or follow us on social media for updates.

How much will this device cost?
The price of kegg is yet to be determined but it is most likely to be in $250+. Those who sign up now will get an early access to get it for a special early adopter pricing.

Do you sell the info you track to third parties?
No, your information is never shared or sold to a third party.

Is kegg a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) device?
No, kegg is not tracking body basal temperature. kegg senses the changes of your vaginal fluids with impedance spectroscopy to determine when fertile cervical fluid is present. This process takes about two minutes and your data syncs to your phone in seconds.

What is the technology behind kegg?
kegg uses impedance spectroscopy, which in simple words means streaming small pulses throughout the vaginal environment. Based on their responses, kegg knows how the fluid-structure changes.

Many fertility awareness methods require that you wait to observe fluid through the evening (often around 6 pm) to get an accurate cervical fluid classification for the day. How confident are you in a single morning measurement being accurate for the entire day?
We do not have sufficient data yet to see how the vaginal environment changes throughout the day and that is one of the reasons why kegg can be classified only as a fertility tracker to help women conceive or track cycles. We built this device based on known science of how electrical properties of vaginal fluids vary throughout the cycle. The focus of these research papers was on the fertile days and the day of ovulation while keeping the conditions stable/same. We intend to research this matter further and so to support FABM users in the future.

Should I use kegg during my period or just the rest of the cycle? Will it be a big deal if I don't use it during my period because of pain?
We should make it more obvious. It is not recommended to use kegg during the period, infection or when vagina is anyhow irritated.

What is the proper way to clean the kegg?
kegg is to be cleaned with clear water (no soap), we will, most likely, sell a body-safe cleaning materials for kegg.