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creighton model fertility tracking

Creighton Model & kegg Data Analysis: a comparison

At kegg, we get a lot of questions about how kegg compliments fertility awareness methods. We decided to bring you stories from real kegg users who are also experts in these widely used methods. In the last blog we brought you a story of a woman who uses kegg to compliment her Sympto-Thermal Method and today Hannah, a Creighton user, is sharing her kegg story.

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hormonal cycle diet

Tailoring your diet to your hormonal cycle

Syncing your diet and lifestyle with your menstrual or hormonal cycle isn’t a totally new concept, but it has gained a lot of attention in the past few years. It’s exciting to see women inquiring about their body and becoming more empowered in their skin, by taking simple actions.

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6 Ways to Truly Care for Yourself

We recently partnered with the moms community & motherhood app Social Mama and we had a conversation with one of their Experts about the importance of practicing self-care especially in difficult times, like the one we are experiencing right now.

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kegg pregnancy stories

First pregnancy stories from our kegg users

Our first customers started their tracking journey with kegg earlier in June. We are elated to have heard from several keggsters who have successfully conceived. We know that the fertility journey can be a stressful one, so we are so excited to bring you all some good news and cheer for each other!

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thyroid function and fertility

The Thyroid-Fertility Connection

Optimal thyroid function is essential for fertility and hormone health in general. In a study of a group of 394 women struggling with infertility, 24% of them had hypothyroidism*. Once treated for their hypothyroidism, 76.6% of women conceived within 6 weeks to a year. Why does thyroid function have such a huge impact?

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kegg fertility monitor chart

kegg chart review: Irregular Cycles & Temps

Join us, as we review some interesting kegg charts and dive into some factors that influenced these women’s charts. Thank you to our anonymous users for sharing their charts and experiences with us! In each chart kegg provided a unique glance into the complex hormone orchestration happening within these women’s bodies.

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tempdrop kegg integration

Discover Sympto-Thermal Method with kegg & Tempdrop

Women have used the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) for decades by learning and charting the biomarkers of Basal Body Temperatures (BBT) and Cervical fluid. STM has empowered women to have a fuller understanding of their cycles and hormonal health. The convenient temperature tracking tool, Tempdrop, is now integrated in the kegg app!

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kegel exercising

Kegels 101

You’ve probably either heard the ‘K’ word before or have been told to do it like, right now, while you’re sitting at your desk or laying down in bed. But what are these pelvic floor exercises really for?

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Ready for real-time fertility insights?

Ready for real-time fertility insights?

Ready for real-time fertility insights?