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Issues to Watch for Throughout your Luteal Phase

Trying to start or grow your family is one of the biggest adventures you’ll ever experience. It’s natural to feel excited, stressed, nervous, scared, and impatient during this time of life—so don’t sweat how you’re feeling. We’re here to help you navigate through all the possible questions you may have about potential issues during your cycles.

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Your Commonly Asked Questions

We are so glad you want to learn more! Each kegg cycle is as unique as you are. As you learn about kegg, kegg is also learning about you and your unique trends. Below we have addressed the most commonly asked questions. Let’s get to it!

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How to Pinpoint Ovulation

The best timing for intercourse is among the most common misconceptions around trying to conceive. While sex educators taught many of us that “you can get pregnant at any time of the month,” that isn’t strictly true—and identifying the proper window of fertility is crucial for maximizing your chances of conceiving in any given cycle. In this article we will uncover all the mysteries around detecting ovulation.

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Issues to Watch for Throughout your Follicular Phase

Many women spend the first decade (or more!) of their fertility thinking very little about it. Between surviving adolescence, advancing your education, growing your career, and getting to know yourself, when you aren’t focused on the idea of having a child, it can be difficult to give your fertility more than a passing thought.

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Comparison between kegg & ava bracelet

Our keggsters are curious human beings. Since we launched kegg, we’ve received many questions about the difference between kegg and an ‘ovulation detector bracelet’ available on the market. Some users in our community have been using both and they shared their honest experience, starting from the basics. These two devices have entirely different functions: kegg uses cervical mucus while ava bracelet is focused on physiological parameters. In this article, one of our users shares her story and highlights the benefits of each fertility monitor.

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All Your Awkward Questions About Cervical Mucus, Answered

In our previous blog posts, we explored cervical mucus, its role in fertility, and how it is observed both routinely and in unique scenarios, such as after intercourse. While cervical mucus is key to understanding your fertility, there are many factors that can negatively impact it, thus making it challenging to interpret. Today we want to dive deeper into cervical mucus tracking and the challenges that can arise in doing so.

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Most Common Questions About Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus provides fascinating fertility insights. But, where can you learn about the nitty gritty details of cervical mucus and factors involved? In this article, we take an in depth look at all of your curiosities pertaining to cervical mucus, beyond basic qualitative observations. Stay tuned for part two, where we explore challenges that can arise regarding cervical mucus.

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understanding fertile window

Understanding Your Fertile Window and When It’s Opening

When you’re trying to conceive (TTC), the learning curve can be steep. Many of us spend most of our adult lives being told “you can get pregnant at any time of the month!” But once you’re actively hoping to get pregnant, things may suddenly seem much less simple. Here is a blog post to help you understand your fertile window better.

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Ready for real-time fertility insights?

Ready for real-time fertility insights?

Ready for real-time fertility insights?