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There are thousands of people who haven’t heard about kegg yet and they are still struggling in reading key signs of fertility. Help us to reach new keggsters and expand our community. Join our brand new referral program and receive monthly goodies. We want to help you get the full picture of your fertility, so with this referral program, you can get 1 free Proov progesterone test strips and 2 com&gone post-sex sponges for every unique referral per month ($45 value). Join now:

  • Send us your friend’s email* at
  • We will send your friend a discount $35 off to buy a kegg
  • Once your friend has made the purchase, we will get in touch
  • You will receive 1 free Proov test and 2 come&gone sponges as gift
*We believe in true friendships, so please double check with your friend’s first



Why are we giving you Proov and come&gone?

While timing intercourse correctly with kegg is important when it comes to successfully conceiving, it’s also just as important to make sure you are ovulating successfully! That’s why we’ve partnered with Proov – the first and only FDA-cleared test to confirm successful ovulation at home. 

Proov tracks PdG – a progesterone metabolite – that gets released after ovulation, allowing you to confirm that successful ovulation has, in fact, occurred. We’ve included a FREE Proov kit ($39.99 value) to try along with your Kegg since tracking both the fertile window AND confirming successful ovulation will help you achieve your goals faster.  You backed us…think of this as our way of backing you!

come&gone is a super handy after-sex clean up sponge. come&gone enables you to clean up arousal fluid so kegg can get more accurate results.


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